About Fancy Pants & pricing

PLEASE CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT ON 07444 357140 or email carly@hertscostumier.com

our prices start from £20 - £50....depending on what costume you hire...please call and ask! 

Fancy dress that makes you look FABULOUS! 

You wont find more luxurious and comfortable fancy dress rooms in Hertfordshire as you do when you visit Fancy Pants. Every time its fun fun fun!
We have huge dressing rooms, so no matter how big the outfit your trying on maybe a pantomime horse or a Blunder Woman costume you will have plenty of room to move. Every visit is a party in its self, with a massive range of costumes and accessories to create just what your looking for. We can also order in almost any costume your heart desires just give me enough time to source it. At Fancy Pants we run an appointment system, and we can see you in the day, evenings and at weekends….bring a friend or two, we have comfy sofas to sit on while you masquerade up and down for the thumbs up! We are a new business and only have a small amount to view online but just call us and I can let you know if we have it in! We probably have, there is over 1000 costumes to choose from.
Don’t worry about parking we have plenty of space….a bit like our dressing rooms!